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Since 1962 the Coulwood Pool has seen families grow and provided countless hours of joy for children and adults in the West Charlotte area.  We have our very own summer swim team, the Coulwood Barracudas, whose vision is to improve the health of our community by strengthening individuals to thrive personally and contribute positively both in the sport of swimming and in life. We allow both Coulwood and non-Coulwood residents to purchase memberships so that pool access can be available to EVERYONE!

Due to age, our pool is at a point where it needs major repairs to survive another 60 years of serving our community.  These repairs include replacing the original galvanized plumbing, which is currently rusted, as well as replacing the water filtration system, coping, water-facing tile, and resurfacing the pool bowl.  These updates will keep the pool safe and running.  We are hoping to raise $300,000 from local businesses and families to support these repairs.  Please note that since we are not an HOA pool, all our funding comes from voluntary memberships, and these memberships are not enough to make these important repairs.


We are hoping that “Coulwood Champions” will step up with a tax deductible donation of $1,000 or more to the Coulwood Hills Community Pool Campaign!  Or, you can be a “Coulwood Super Champion” by donating $10,000 or more to our Campaign!  

We will acknowledge your gift with a letter for tax purposes, signage at our Pool, promotion on our Website and Social Media pages, and a commemorative tile to be permanently placed at the pool.

You can donate HERE or by mailing a check to PO Box 112, Paw Creek, NC 28130  paid to the order of Coulwood Hills Community

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pool rainbow.jpg
  • ​The Webbs

  • Rochelle Merrit

  • Baker Bunch

  • Coulwood Urban Forestry

  • Murphy Family

  • Adkisson Family

  • Crosby Family

  • Gurley and Mauney Family

  • Bob and Valerie Comito

  • The Baumgartners

  • Rochelle Merritt

  • Pace

  • Dustin Whitaker

  • Sandra Ellis

  • Murphy Family

  • Douglas Tucker

  • Peay Family

  • Pamela Mullins

  • Webster Family

  • Shannon Wallace

  • Bill and Cindy Ferguson

2023 Coulwood Champions:

Other 2023 Donors:

  • The Decanns

  • Marsha Walpole

  • Pam Marty Crosby

  • Trent Woodfin

  • Stephanie Reed

  • Caalan Sykes

  • Josh Tolley

  • Kristine Doyle

  • Gann Catherine

  • Ron Monteith

  • Jamie and Glenn Putnam

  • David Teno

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