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Coulwood Pool

Coulwood Swim Club is a community swimming pool offering private membership. The 25 - yard, 6 lane pool features a 9-feet deep diving area with two diving boards, a reserved lap lane for workouts, toddler pool, showers, locker rooms and concessions. Pool members can bring guests to the pool by paying $5 per guest to the lifeguard.


Memorial Day - Labor Day


School in Session Schedule:       

  •   4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - Monday – Friday

  • 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. - Saturday - Sunday     


Summer Schedule:      

  • 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. - Monday - Sunday


• All members and guests are required to sign-in and show membership card.

• All members, including children, shall use the pool and facilities at their own risk.

• All members 11 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult member. 

• Children under 6 years of age are not allowed in the main pool unless accompanied by someone 16 years of age  or older, unless the child has passed Beginner’s swimming. 

• The use of the small pool shall be limited to children under the age of 6 who cannot swim. A parent or adult guardian MUST BE INSIDE the small pool enclosure with children using the small pool. 

• Only bathing attire will be permitted in the pool (No converted blue jeans, etc.). 

• For your health and the health of others it is important to use good hygiene. All swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool. This is a County Environment Health regulation. 

• Admission will be refused to anyone with open wounds, sores, skin infections, bandages, infectious diseases or under the influence of alcohol. 

• Do not talk to the lifeguards while they are on duty or on the lifeguard stands. 

• Horseplay, such as splashing, dunking, pushing, or wrestling is NOT allowed. Certain water games maybe played at the discretion of the staff and dependent upon pool usage. However, play must be stopped when ordered by the staff. Certain times of the day may be designated as “playtime”. 

• No masks, snorkels or swim fins will be allowed in the pool (swim goggles are permitted). Rafts, mattresses, inflated boats and other toys may be permitted at the discretion of the Pool Manager and dependent upon pool usage. 



• Persons using flotation devices are not permitted in deep areas of the pool without parent or adult supervision and consent of the staff. Persons swimming or floating in the deep end must give right of way to divers. 

• No abusive or objectionable language will be tolerated on pool grounds. 

• No chewing gum permitted in the pool. 

• Aqua socks or pool shoes that are worn as street shoes will not be allowed in the pool.

• Unauthorized persons are not permitted near the filter area and pumps at any time.
• Food and refreshments may be consumed in designated areas only. 

• No alcoholic beverages, including distilled spirits, wine or beer will be brought into, served or consumed on pool grounds.

• All cigarettes and trash must be disposed of in trash containers. 


• No pets allowed in pool or deck area. 

• The Council will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to personal property. 

• The cost of any property damage due to negligence of a member or guest of a host member will be charged to that member. 

• Non-compliance with any pool rule will result in disciplinary action to be determined by the Pool Manager, referred to the Coulwood Community Council Membership/Grievance Committee and Council Board of Directors as appropriate for resolution. 


• Keep away from main drains in the bottom of the diving area. Grates must not be moved. 

• Any person intending to use diving boards or swim in the deep area of the pool must first qualify by swimming the width of the pool unless this person has passed a Beginner’s swimming test. (Small children will be permitted to jump or dive off the boards IF a responsible person is in the pool near the diving boards to retrieve them.) 

• ONLY ONE person is allowed on a diving board at a time. 

• No running on the diving board. 

• Divers must dive directly from the front of the board. 

• Each diver shall look before diving to make sure the area is clear below. 

• Each diver shall wait until the preceding diver has surfaced and is clear of the area before beginning a dive. 

• When the diver has surfaced, he/she must swim directly out of the diving area or to the nearest side of the pool. DO NOT swim back under the boards. 

• No swimming is allowed in the diving area unless supervised and there are no divers using this area.


• The charge for guests is required to be paid to staff on duty upon entering: 

- Single Guest, Two per member per day $ 5.00 

- Family Guest, One per member per day $ 20.00 (daily max per family) 

• Members bringing guests are responsible for the conduct and safety of their guests and must be present with them at all times. 

• Each guest must wear dated wrist band for the duration of pool stay as proof of payment and identify as a guest of a host member. 

• All guests 11 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult member. 

• No more than two guests living in Mecklenburg County will be allowed on one host member guest sign in. For each additional two guests another host member sign in must be used (e.g. four guests – two host member sign-ins). 

• A visiting family from outside of the County may come on one guest sign in (e.g. Roberts’s family, Atlanta, GA). House guest(s) visiting for more than one day may use one sign in for the length of their stay if the arrival and departure dates are shown (e.g. Roberts family, Atlanta GA, July 4-7). 

• Persons residing within the boundaries of the Coulwood Council membership area may join - they cannot be guests. 


The misuse or abuse of guest privileges is grounds for suspension of being able to sign in guests as a host member. 

Coulwood Hills Swim Club is a private swimming pool for paid members. Use by non-members, although welcomed, will have restrictions. If it is noted that a visiting non-member comes to the pool more than five times a month (using guest privileges of one or more host members), the Pool Manager has the authority to limit further visits. Membership should be considered when frequent usage is desired. This situation is noted most often with local (close-by) adults and teens visiting member friends. It does not apply to out of town guests visiting for a period of time. Exceptions to this rule will be handled on an individual basis by the Pool Manager and referred to the Coulwood Council Membership Committee. 

Parents should be aware of the use of guest privileges by their children. As members (parents), you assume responsibility for the conduct of your guests even when you are not present. When possible, we ask that you (parents) sign in your children’s guests or let the staff know they will be coming. On occasion you may be called to verify guests being brought in. This is for your awareness and protection as well as that of the staff. 

At the Pool Manager’s discretion and good judgment, further limitations may be placed on a member or member’s guest. Situations changing our basic rules will be assessed on an individual basis and posted if necessary. The Pool Manager will advise the Coulwood Community Council Membership/Grievance Committee of abuse or changes needed and the Council Board of Directors has full authority for pool rules.

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