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History of Coulwood

The Coulwood Community originated in the year 1953.  When the farm lands were subdivided and McClure Lumber Company moved to another location, the land seemed ideal for home sites.  With this in mind, the first development of homes was begun. Boliver McClure traveling through Rhode Island, had been impressed with a section called Coulwood so it was chosen as the community's name.  The first homes to be built were located along Gum Branch Road which was a dusty country road.  Soon more people were interested in moving into the area.  As the result, thirty additional home sites were created and Mellwood Drive, Wyndale Terrace, and the portion of Coulwood Drive from Mellwood Drive to Valleydale Road emerged. With new homes now spotting the fields that only a year before were serving for pastureland and lumber storage, the people moving into the area became active in community affairs and began telling their friends of their "new home in the country", urging them to become part of their new community.  Soon Birchwood and Sedgwick were added, thus reaching the eastern edge of Gum Branch.  During the years 1956 through 1958 the area between Gum Branch and Cathey Road developed, bringing Paw Creek Elementary School into Coulwood to serve the many families now located in the community.


The year 1958 brought the organization of Coulwood Community Council by residents interested in seeking increased neighborhood recreation, and community betterment.  At its first meeting on November 3, 1958, Ed Joyner was chose chairman.  The park cabin was constructed the following year with mostly volunteer labor and donated materials.  Land reserved for park use was landscaped and playground equipment was provided at the main park on Coulwood Drive.

Christ Methodist Church was organized in 1959, meeting in the park cabin until their new church on Belhaven Boulevard was ready.  Earlier, Hillcrest Baptist church had organized and built in 1957 thus becoming the first church to be built in our community.  A Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church was organized in 1963, meeting first in Coulwood Junior High School's auditorium then in a house-chapel.  July 9, 1967 was the dedication of their new church on Highway 16.

Our annual community picnics began in 1960 on August 14.  These were predecessors of our annual July 4th celebration which is a highlight each year.  As folks became more interested in community work, two garden clubs - Coulwood Garden Club in 1957 and Sow 'N How Garden Club in 1958 were organized.  They have made valuable contributions to the park area, the streets, and the entire community.  Then in 1967 there seemed a further need and two others, Seed and Weeds and Out Our Way came into being.

We hailed the opening of Coulwood Junior High School on August 31, 1962, bringing our community another school of which to be proud.  A real boost in recreation came to the very same month when the Coulwood Swimming Pool opened.  With our fast growing community, an addition was needed and in 1966 this was completed.

Rapid growth between 1959 and 1964 saw the development of the areas of Cathey Road to Waycross Drive.  The years 1960 to 1964 formed the Northeast border as homes were constructed in the West Laporte Drive section.  More park areas had been developed to take care of our growing community.  During 1962 and 1963 the Kingsway Circle homes were constructed climaxing the development of our western boundary of beautiful homes.


Using the Coulwood Junior High School as a center, the  areas of Belmorrow and Kentberry began to bring in new homes.  These streets now serve as arteries for the latest development of new homes in our community.

Coulwood now has many programs reaching all ages and providing them opportunities of recreation, social enjoyment, and civic improvement.  The Piedmont Area Development Association has always judged us in the winner's category.

In 1967 there were 580 homes in our community.  At that time, additional park areas were set aside in the six hundred acres which remain to be developed.  Coulwood Hills is a good place in which to live, to rear our children. and to look forward to an even brighter tomorrow.

Chronology of Coulwood Hills

First homes built along Gum Branch Road.

Subsequent opening of Mellwood Drive and Wyndale Terrace; Coulwood Drive opened to Mellwood Drive

Beginning development of area between Gum Branch and Cathey Road bringing Paw Creek Elementary School within its boundaries.

Hillcrest Baptist Church organized and built. Organization of Coulwood Garden Club.

Organization of Sow and Hoe Garden Club. Coulwood Community Council organized.

Construction of park cabin; volunteer labor and donated building materials.
Park area landscaped and playground equipment provided.
Christ Methodist Church organized.
Development of area of Cathey Road to Waycross Drive begun.

First annual picnic. Predecessor of annual July 4th Celebration.
Development of Northeast border— West Laporte section.

Opening of Coulwood Junior High School
Coulwood Swimming pool opened ~ August.

Development of Kingsway Circle homes.
Opening of areas of Belmorrow and Kentberry.

Organization of A Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church.

Development of Sturbridge Drive, Falldale, Westconnett and Scottsmoor areas.



Addition to Coulwood swimming pool.Coulwood Lions Club chartered.

Development of Queensgate Lane and extensions of Belmorrow and Failsdale.
Organization of Seeds N’ Weeds and Out Our Way Garden Clubs.
Dedication of A Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church.

Christ Methodist Church sanctuary completed.
New bath house and recreation center at the Coulwood swimming pool.
Coulwood Shopping Center opened for business.

Coulwood Optimist Club chartered. Lions Field built and donated to the community.

Development of Glencurry, Benbow Lane, Edgerly Court areas.
Dr. James McIntosh opened his dental practice and Citgo Service Center and
Northwestern Bank opened. Valleydale School organized.

Valleydale School building on Fallsdale completed.

Optimist Athletic Field under construction.
Coulwood Community Clubhouse remodeled.

Organization of the New Life Presbyterian Church, May 24.
John Oates Gymnasium at Valleydale.

Coulwood-Oakdale Athletic Association was formed, predecessor was Coulwood Optimist Club.

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