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Pool Updates

It’s no surprise that our pool has had many issues over the last few years. We’ve experienced many inefficiencies with the facility’s operation, as well as had some issues that have been on the Health Department’s radar. 


With that said, we have a great opportunity to renovate our beloved pool through the generosity of our donors and the hard work of our board. 


The proposed pool renovation will include the following:

    ◦    Removal of entire deck and install of new concrete deck;

    ◦    New perimeter fencing;

    ◦    New plumbing for drains, skimmer baskets, aerator and filtration system;

    ◦    Retrofit pump house to meet current code requirements;

    ◦    New coping, resurface pool bowl, and new water line tile;

    ◦    Installation of 40’ entry stairs with railings;

    ◦    Depth reduction of deep end to 5ft;

    ◦    Plumb for future slide;

    ◦    Bathroom revamp, new fixtures, stalls, addition of storage closet, and refinishing floors.


While we have had amazing support through our fundraising efforts, we will still need to finance a portion of this project. The council has been approved for a 10-year loan with First National Bank for $430,000. This loan is amortized over a 20-year period, which will help keep our monthly payments relatively low.


Based on our Budget Projections, the community will need to explore refinance options around 2030. 


The budget forecasting proposal is as follows:

    ◦    No increase in membership pricing in 2024. 

    ◦    We have reworked the pricing for all memberships. This will take effect over the next 2 years to more accurately place membership levels on par with cost to run the pool. After this period the plan is to have a 5% increase every other year to offset inflation. The overarching goal is to be self-sustaining and not dependent on our wonderful donors.

    ◦    Add approximately 72 new members over the next 10 year period; We added 28 new members in 2023.

    ◦    There will be a one time capital contribution fee of $250 to existing members to build a capital fund for improvements in effort to not repeat history with deferred pool maintenance. New members will have a one time initiation fee of $500. Payment options will be available.  

    ◦    With membership revenue alone, pool operating balance will see positive returns by 2027. 

The Board is working diligently on a business plan that will identify and implement new revenue streams for our pool, this will help us keep our membership pricing affordable. 


As of January 2024,  our construction documents have been approved by Mecklenburg County building and heath departments. We are currently waiting for Stormwater services to approve our flood certification. Once that is complete, our construction permits will be issued and construction will begin, The Contractor's timeline of events is below.  Their goal is to have the pool completed by Memorial Day 2024.  Grand opening is tenantively scheduled for May 25th. More details to come soon!

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